Vaccination Appointment Booking

To be able to book an appointment for a vaccine, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be 18 years and older
  2. You have not had a positive COVID Test within the last 3-6 months

Please check with your medical doctor if you have any health concerns relating to pre-existing medical conditions and taking the vaccine.

NOTE: You may book only one appointment timeslot per person for a vaccine. You can RESCHEDULE your appointment by CLICKING HERE. Your appointment will be confirmed by either email or text message (via cell phone). You must fill one of these fields correctly in order to receive your confirmation

If you have any queries concerning your appointment or you are 70 and over and require help booking your appointment please call 832-3906/832-0194/832-5893/832-0583 Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

By booking your appointment online, you acknowledge and agree to receive your appointment information by email/mobile. Your personal information is being collected through this site. In an effort to address the unprecedented challenges posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), your personal data collected via this application might be shared with the Relevant Public Health Authorities as part of data collection efforts..

Appointments Closed

High Demand

Demand for appointments is high. We are sorry if there are currently few or no appointments available to book online. We kindly ask you to check the website again in a few hours. We release any appointments available for booking online as they are identified.

Appointments Close

The Appointment System is closed as all slots are fill.